Vet Care


Vet Care offers professional vet care services and provides good health for all pets in Auckland. The special veterinary doctors’ team offers the best advice to the pet owners and provides perfect diagnostics to the pets to maintain good health.

The main objective of vet care is to provide premium care through professionals and skilled veterinarians and give accurate treatment and good health for all the pets.  They believe that the healthy dog or cat meets a particular criterion.

The Vet Care Provides:

  • The Vet Care provides perfect protection beside diseases through regular vaccination.
  • They provide right nutrition food
  • Protects from fleas and worms by providing regular treatment with proper medication.
  • Perfect dental health and Flawless teeth.
  • Provide skin care through regular treatment with right care products.

You can call the help desk and they can give you the appointment. You can as well reach them through e-mails and phone calls, and once you visit the vet care they can give the right treatment for your pet.

Modern Facilities:

At vet care, you can find separate waiting rooms for cats and dogs. It offers a natural and friendly environment for your pets. The vet care uses modern technology and hi-tech equipment.  They want their visitors to feel comfortable and feel their pets are getting treatment at the right place.

The Vet Care services maintain digital medical records and they work with latest online programs, which mean all records are secured and protected. You can also talk with the specialists and veterinarians and they can give you the right advice and treatment options for your pet.

Staying Possibilities:

The vet care also offers a day treatment, or a longer time if the pet needs an extended stay after the treatment. The clinic has everything needed to make your pet safe and comfortable.  They provide heated cages, infusion pumps, oxygenators, and continuous security.  They mainly focus on pets’ safety and make them feel happy and enjoy their stay during their treatment process.

Preventive Care:

Everybody knows that prevention is better than a cure, for the same reason, you should get your pet a regular check-up, and also you should get your pet a yearly dental check-up. At vet care, they also perform a complete psychical examination whenever you bring your pet. It can help you to find if your pet has any health problem, and you can find it in early stage and give proper medication and treatment on time.

Weight Management Program:

The Vet Care also offers a weight management program and they are conducting this program under the supervision of a qualified nutrition consultant, they can help pets to lose weight in a healthy way. They offer six-month weight management program, which is designed for a healthy kitten or a puppy. They also perform complete tests on your kitten or puppy and suggest the precautionary steps to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Choosing Vet Care Auckland is the best option as it provides high-quality treatment options and offers qualified doctors who can diagnose the issue and provide right treatment.