Drain Unblocking Auckland


Drain Unblocking Auckland offers the best drain unblocking service in Auckland. The experienced team has been offering the best services, including drain cleaning, root cutting, CCTV for drains, emergency drain services, drain inspections, new subdivisions, grease trap cleaning, vacuum loading, pump station cleaning and septic tank cleaning. The service providers have completely loaded vehicles with unblocking machines and CCTV camera.

The entire staff at Drain Unblocking Auckland is specially trained for this drain unblocking services and they have to carry a restricted space certificate and site safe documents, so you can be sure that you are getting the reliable and high-quality service for all your drainage problems.

The specialized team at Drain Unblocking Auckland can solve any problem, including sewer drain or stormwater drain. The experts have several years of experience in all areas of sewer repairs. The team offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for all the stormwater and sewer drain repairing.

Sewer Repairs Solutions:

The Drain Unblocking Auckland offers a wide range of solutions once they recognize the problem.  They provide you some quick options for fixing the drain.  They also allow you to choose the option, depending on the problem. They also suggest you, to use the drain relining method that allows the experts to fix the drain without any excavation or digging.

Patching is another option, which also gives a quick solution for your draining problem. Installing the patch on the sewage area will solve the entire problem easily.  But, this option is not useful if the drain has collapsed. You can also choose the complete digging and repairs or alternative services for your sewer repair solutions.

At Drain Unblocking Auckland, they perform all pipe repairs, which means, they repair all kinds of pipes including:

  • Storm water pipe and Ceramic sewer
  • All residential and commercial pipes
  • Pressure pipe systems
  • Stormwater and council public sewer
  • UPVC drainage structure


Drain Relining: It can be performed on all types of drains, from 1.5meter culverts to 10mm diameter pipes. The drain relining is carried out by inserting a bendable pipe liner containing wax into the drain and filling it with a bag of air inside the pipe to carve the liner to the drain. Once it is molded, then it is heated and cooled to make the line, mold to the shape of the drain pipe.

According to the length, they reline the drain in overlapping layers or the drain in one particular length.  This can make a new and strong inner wall, and it allows the experts to repair any kind of damage, including leaks or holes and they make the drain to perform in the proper manner that it should operate.

Drain relining is a quick and mess-free method that will make sure that your drain is clear and running again.  The process is simple and also very affordable so you don’t have to worry about anything at all.  The Drain Unblocking Auckland are completely equipped with the modern equipment and tools for the job, and the professional team is available at any time and provide the best possible results for the drain relining task.