Lessons from Australia on Capital Gains Tax

A capital gains tax was introduced in Australia over three decades ago and since then house prices have roared out of control. But does this mean that capital gains taxes can’t help control house prices? Not necessarily. It depends on why they were introduced and how they were designed. As New Zealanders contemplate casting their […]

Revealed: Most dangerous areas in Dunedin

Police victim statistics for the 2016-17 financial year reveal the most dangerous areas in Otago were Dunedin’s central city and central Queenstown. The in-depth statistics also show a large proportion of crime occurred between midnight and 4am on Saturday and Sunday, when police were often confronted by drunkenness. The University of Otago and Dunedin Mayor […]

Language expert: which languages will kids learn?

A languages expert is calling for a national debate on which languages children should learn under a new National Party policy to teach every child a second language. AUT Associate Professor Sharon Harvey, the lead author of a 2013 Royal Society paper on a national languages policy, says National’s $160 million promise to offer every […]

10 Most Dangerous Extreme Sports

Falling from the sky or being deep underwater, some people’s worst nightmares are another’s idea of a fun afternoon. Extreme sports have been attracting adrenaline junkies for years. They are always trying to push themselves to their limits. In spite of the danger, people still compete in these extreme sports. Here are the top ten […]